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  • LSP-X1 Filter

LSP-X1 Filter

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Reduce your risk of antimicrobial resistance with Aurabeat’s antimicrobial air purifiers. Our patented silver ion filters “break the chain of transmission” by eliminating airborne pathogens before they cause infections. Reduced rates of  infection results in less exposer to antibiotics and reduces the risk of antimicrobial resistance. 

  • Eliminate >99.9% of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) within 30 minutes. FDA-approved medical grade device. SGS certified. Quickly remove formaldehyde, smoke and odor
  • AG+ high-efficiency silver ion anti-viral filter to prevent secondary infection.
  • 4-stage high-efficiency sterilization purifying technology: primary filter, activated carbon filter, AG+ silver ion filter, anion sterilization and purification

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